Zinab Fanning Deck

Zinab Fanning Deck
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  • Item #: abbottszinabdeck
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The Abbott Magic Company is proud to announce their new fanning cards! From the company who has given the magic fraternity the Z-B Deck and the Zinab Fanning Deck! Imagine a card whose back pattern contains five colors: red, black, white, yellow and blue! The upper left quarter is brilliant red with a black highlight half-circle at the edge. The upper right corner is deep blue with red and yellow highlights. The lower left quarter is shocking yellow with a black highlight. Printed on the proper card stock, with standard faces, these cards need very little "breaking in". Zinab Fanning Decks are very collectable and can be used for a special close up experience! Just card-fan-atic!