Worlds Greatest Magic Individual DVD Sale

Worlds Greatest Magic Individual DVD Sale
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EARLY BIRD FLASH SALE - Limited Supply - Ships Late January - Reserve one now by ordering ahead - Sale Ends Jan 31. Worlds Greatest Magic is one of the best selling Magic DVD franchise of all time. Some of the worlds best magicians show their version of popular tricks which make these DVD's both focused (on the trick) and diversed (on the method). Choose from the following DVD's

Ace Assemblies
Ambitious Classic
Anniversary Waltz
Cannibal Cards
Card Fanning Magic
Card On Ceiling
Card Stab
Card To Wallet
Cards Across
Chicago Opener
Close Up Magic #1
Close Up Magic #2
Close Up Magic #3
Coins Across
Coins Through Table
Collins Aces
Color Changing Knives
Gaffed Coins
Gambling Routines
Gypsy Thread
Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daley
Magic With Dice
Ring Flight
Silk Magic 1
Silk Magic 2
Tenkai Pennies
Thread Magic
Torn and Restored Card
Triumph Vol. 1
Triumph Vol. 2
Triumph Vol. 3