Wilting Flower

Wilting Flower
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  • Item #: ABBwiltingflow
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $40.00

Here is a real surprise that every magician should have and use. It's different. It has class. The magician states that he will magically materialize a bouquet of beautiful roses. An unprepared handkerchief is shown and a shape is seen to form within its folds. The hank is pulled away and, to the magician's disgust, he holds only one green stem with a single rose bloom thereon. "It must have been the stuff I drank," he says as he smells the rose. Slowly, the stem and the rose wilt over in a tipsy manner. The magician looks at the audience in surprise and as he does the stem returns to its former position. He looks at it again and the rose wilts in the opposite direction - and again comes back to its former position.