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Abbotts Break Away Wand Magician's Wand
Abbotts Break Away WandMagician's Wand
A wand, held in the hand, suddenly wilts and hangs in a broken (and comical) conditionThe Magician's Wand is poised with great balance for the seasoned magician. This two-part screw together wand is hand crafted from the finest wood and material. The wand stands 13.75 inches tall and weighs 5 oz. with a heavy feel. Definitely a wand that the pros use.



Multiplying Wands - Black Vanishing Bandana With CD
Multiplying Wands - BlackVanishing Bandana With CD
A giant size magic wand multiplies into two, then three and finally four magic wands. Perform anytime during your show! Made of Sturdy Colored Plastic! Will not peel or wrinkle like tape! Even Perform Close-Up or Surrounded! Produced by MAK Magic in Columbus OHThe Routine Is Very Easy To Perform! The Professionally Produced CD Guides You Through the Entire Trick. Professionally Produced Three Minute CD, 18 x 18 Devil's Napkin and Written Instructions With All the “Bits” of Business Included In the Instructions!



Appearing Wand Automatic Coin Wand
Appearing WandAutomatic Coin Wand
Casually reach into your pocket or hat, and pull out an huge MAGIC WAND!

Automatic Coin Wand is a must for anyone who does the Misers Dream effect or any type of stage work with Coins. Lance Burton liked them so much he bought two wands! Check out the video by Lance Burton!



Dancing Magic Wand by Tango Flash Silk Vanishing Wand
Dancing Magic Wand by TangoFlash Silk Vanishing Wand
The Beautiful 100% Metal Black Wand magically dances in the air around the magician.Even perform surrounded, and without sleeves, as there is no pull involved.



Giant Wand Pom Pom Wand
Giant WandPom Pom Wand
Magicians could also use the wand as a gag giant wand for a tiny effect, or when a trick apparently does not work with a wave of the regular magic wand, and requires a little more magic power!Pom pom wand is a quality version of the standard Pom Pom stick with a logical wand, 20 inches long.



1 - 10 of 10 items