Visible Self Drinking Bottle - Coke

Visible Self Drinking Bottle - Coke
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  • Item #: 23882
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $40.00

Visible Self Drinking Bottle (video24) $40 — VISIBLE Watch the magic happen!!!! The bottle that visibly drinks itself! Astound your spectators!! The Coke bottle begins full of soda, slowly the soda decreases in plain view, AMAZING!!! Far too many routines to list, put in your show immediately. Set a drinking straw inside the bottle, drink the Coke through your ear. With no mess perform the classic Liquid in Newspaper. Roll newspaper into a cone, pour the Coke inside the cone, crush the newspaper, Coke poured inside has VANISHED! Finally, free to perform closeup! Completely self-contained unit.