Ventriloquism: Magic with Your Voice

Ventriloquism: Magic with Your Voice
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  • Manufacturer: George Schindler
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Ventriloquism: Magic with Your Voice (George Schindler) $10 — George Schindler, an internationally famous magicomedian, wrote this classic guide to ventriloquism in the 1970s, and it has stood the test of time, telling you:

• What ventriloquism is all about
• Basic “vent” techniques and how to do them
• All about puppets and their movements
• The fine art of animation
• Novelty show routines
• The secret tricks of the trade
• How to put your act together
• And much, much more!

Mr. Schindler was a lecturer at the 83rd Abbott’s Magic Get-Together, and we had him sign several remaining copies of this highly sought-after book on ventriloquism. Grab an autographed copy now at a great price from Abbott’s Magic!