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Collectible - Complete Tarbell Course 1927 Gently Used Abbott Chair Suspension
Collectible - Complete Tarbell Course 1927Gently Used Abbott Chair Suspension
Doing some cleaning and Greg found all three volumes of 1927 Tarbell books. They were from his fathers collection. Check out demo by Greg BordnerSOLD



Gently Used Abbotts Chinese Sticks Gently Used Abbotts Cube On Release
Gently Used Abbotts Chinese SticksGently Used Abbotts Cube On Release
Chinese sticks manufactured by Abbotts Magic in good working orderWith an Additional Presentation by Neil Foster



Gently Used Abbotts Dove Pan Gently Used Bengal Net
Gently Used Abbotts Dove PanGently Used Bengal Net
SOLDThis item is perfect for vanishing small items in a very visual way. Show the net, fold it up to make a pocket, place the item you want vanished into the pocket which is visible through the netting. At the magicians command the pocket opens up and the item is vanished.



Gently Used Bryce Screen Gently Used Dove In Balloon
Gently Used Bryce ScreenGently Used Dove In Balloon
Shipping FOB - Production, vanish, or transposition of a live human can be easily accomplished with this outfit. Produce the CEO and he won't even get his suit wrinkled!! Good Condition, only one available at this price, see demo.Dove in Balloon Tray, works well



Gently Used Find The Lady Cards Gently Used Martini Silk
Gently Used Find The Lady CardsGently Used Martini Silk
This prop is in excellent condition, find the queen effect as the audience, try as they might, are unable to locate the queen. Completely under the control of the magician and very easy to do, check out the demo by Percy Abbott on this effect for ideas of how it can fit into your act.martini silk - drawn on with felt marker, but artfully done. 36" and in great condition



Gently Used Super Botania Gently Used Tubes Through A Girl
Gently Used Super BotaniaGently Used Tubes Through A Girl
SOLDIllusion in great shape, shipping is FOB Colon or save on shipping costs by picking this up at the Get Together, first come first served.



Gently Used Twin Di Box Gently Used UF Grant Milk In Lightbulb
Gently Used Twin Di BoxGently Used UF Grant Milk In Lightbulb
Gently Used Twin Di BoxGently used UF Grant Milk in Lightbulb. Vanish some milk and the light goes out, take off the shade and the lightbulb is full of milk. Pour the milk out, replace the shade, and the light returns to working condition.



MAK Card Duck Used Flying Carpet
MAK Card DuckUsed Flying Carpet
Only one available, first come first served.Used flying carpet, in great shape and works like a champ. This is a great effect for stage and platform and works very well with kids.



Used Supersonic Table Base Used Table Base
Used Supersonic Table BaseUsed Table Base
Super or Supersonic table base, this is in great condition and includes an attachment for your table. Whether the attachment will match your table we don't know, but a couple dollars at the hardware store will make it work with whatever table flange you have.A smaller table base, not as heavy duty as the supersonic but very practical



Collectible - 1987 50th Get Together Program and Tickets Used Book - One Hundred By Warlock
Collectible - 1987 50th Get Together Program and TicketsUsed Book - One Hundred By Warlock
A collectors dream, the 50th Get Together Program and tickets to lectures and shows.Used but in Mint Condition and collectible



1 - 20 of 20 items