Ultimate Sphinx DVD

Ultimate Sphinx DVD
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In the history of magic magazines The Sphinx is special. It was one of America’s first and lasted for 50 years. The Sphinx was indisputably the greatest American magic magazine during our Golden Age of magic. The material, history and general gossip about magic from 1902 to 1952 is astounding and cannot be found anywhere else but The Sphinx.

What’s inside? Charles T. Jordan material, Arthur Finley material, news about every imaginable name in magic from Houdini to Fu Manchu to Richiardi Jr. and on top of that magic secrets that rival the greatest books ever written on magic. Find the first advertisement for Erdnase's Expert at the Card Table or see one of the beautiful ads made for Dai Vernon's privately distributed booklets. Conjuring Arts has offered The Sphinx for years as part of all levels of our Ask Alexander database but some still would like to have this at their offline fingertips.

Why is it called The Ultimate Sphinx? Because it has been carefully gone through, scanned it in color and had computers convert the words to searchable text, then created the files and also created an electronic index so that you can search the whole thing incredibly fast on your home computer. In addition to writing by Fu Manchu, Sam Horowitz, Max Holden, John Mulholland and thousands more, here are some examples of how many references you might find:

Houdini - 7253
Annemann - 778
Dai Vernon - 380
Cardini - 982
Hofzinser - 257
Erdnase - 188
Richiardi - 85
Fu Manchu - 362
Charles t. Jordan - 99
Kellar - 3452

Now own the Sphinx for only $49.99 postpaid anywhere in the US ($59.99 everywhere else in the world)!