Tops and/or New Tops Magazine Complete on Flash Drives

Tops and/or New Tops Magazine Complete on Flash Drives
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Price $50.00

Now's your chance to own the entire collection of Abbott's vintage magazine issues—the TOPS Magazine and the NEW TOPS Magazine—in pdf digital format. Convenient to page through on your computer, or take with you on your phone, all issues of TOPS and NEW TOPS are ready for your perusal and without need for valuable bookshelf space.

We provide you with a flash drive of 22 years of TOPS Magazine (1936–1957) for only $50, OR a flash drive of 34 years of NEW TOPS Magazine (1961–1994) for only $75. That's thousands of pages of magic that cover over half a century of magicians, tricks, performer profiles, history, patter and presentation, vintage ads, reviews, and much, much more! For less than 20 cents an issue, you can own the entire vintage collection of TOPS and/or NEW TOPS, the classic, globally-distributed, premier magazine of magic, printed and published by Abbott's Magic Mfg. Co. in Colon, Michigan, the "Magic Capital of the World!"