Tops Treasury of Dove Magic

Tops Treasury of Dove Magic
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This book is a collection of ideas, tricks, suggestions and articles from the pages of "TOPS" Magazine of Magic, dealing with magic with doves. There are 28 printed and illustrated pages, 8 1/2" x 11". The contents: A cane appears and seconds later a dove appears on the cane! A dove vanishes in a cloth foulard. A piece of paper is folded into the shape of a bird - it magically transforms itself into the real thing! The New Master Dove Vanish (based on The Dizzy Limit style of vanish) is easy to make and startling when used. Ren Fetzers Dove from Newspaper, Dove in Balloon and Dove from Egg are all practical and unique. There is Kirbys Streamlined Vanish - a visual shocker! Or how about Don Kirbys Transmutation (the visible change of one animal into another); or Malcolm Campbells Golden Spike Cabinet Illusion (the penetration of a dove by twenty-four spikes inside a cabinet). The real feature of the book, for many, will be the chapters by dove expert Jack LaWain on the care, feeding, handling, training, wing and tail feather clipping, etc. of doves. This is solid and practical advice and basic knowledge to any magician featuring doves.