Thurston Sawing a Woman

Thurston Sawing a Woman
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  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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One of the worlds most entertaining illusions. With a committee on the stage, all parts of the illusion are opened. A girl is hypnotized and placed in the cabinet with her feet, hands and head in full view at all times. Members of the audience may hold the hands and feet. In fact, one shoe is removed, the stocking is cut away and the big toe is seen to wiggle.

Box is then sawed into halves with a cross-cut saw. A metal plate is placed at each side of the saw cut and the halves of the cabinet are pulled apart. Yet, the hands and feet move, etc. The halves are pushed together, the metal plates are removed and the cabinet is opened and the girl is seen to be none the worse for undergoing this realistic experience.

This is the exact method as performed by the late Howard Thurston, including the patter and the presentation. An Abbott Quality product. (Workshop plans available.)