The Zombie (India)

The Zombie (India)
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Price $30.00
The Zombie (India) $30 — This is a one-man method of the floating ball without any strings, stage setting, or advance preparation. Created in 1942 by American magician Joe Karson of Springfield, Massachusetts, this artistic and eye-appealing effect has become very popular, because it can be performed any time, anywhere, on platform, stage, night club, or even in the living room. The effect is simple and direct. A silver ball floats hither and thither, up and down, over the edge of a cloth foulard apparently by its own powers. The ball even vanishes and reappears. In the hands of a good performer, it looks like sheer magic, though it can be performed very effectively by magicians with average skill and practice. Includes the 5-inch silver sphere, gimmick, and full performance instructions. Requires cloth foulard and small cup-shape stand for the ball to rest upon, which are not included.