The Christmas Present

The Christmas Present
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  • Manufacturer: Fun
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A holiday-themed version of Ralph E. Powell's classic "ABC Stung!" trick.

The magician shows three jumbo cards, each with a different colored Christmas gift on it. He also shows two envelopes to the spectators. The gifts are placed in one of the envelopes, and when opened, the green gift has vanished. In the other envelope is card with a picture of Santa Claus, wrapping up a green gift!

The envelope is shown empty. The smart spectators immediately suspect trickery. The red and yellow gift cards are shown front and back. And when the Santa card is turned around, it shows a picture of a wreath and says "Merry Christmas!" The green gift has vanished completely.

Made from high quality, laminted cards, you receive everything you need to perform this trick immediately. An easy-to-do, interactive trick great for kid shows at Christmastime. Made in the USA.