The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 3: The Greg Bordner Years

The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 3: The Greg Bordner Years
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The third chapter in the history of Abbotts Magic! After decades of successful Abbott Get-Togethers, the reins passed from the sometimes despotic Percy Abbott to the gentler hands of Recil Bordner -- without a noticeable change of pace. 1982 saw another change, this time into the hands of youth, and many an old-timer wondered if it might be "different". Greg Bordner learned his lessons well from his dad. This book follows the history of Abbott magic from 1982 until present including chapters on individual year Get Togethers, high points, and low points including the following: 1982 Get Together, 1982 Abbott’s 22nd Catalog Released, 1983 Get Together, 1984 Get Together, 1985 Get Together, 1986 Get Together, 1987 Get Together, 1988 Get Together, 1988 Neil Foster Eulogy, 1989 Get Together, 1990 First Colon Golf Tournament, 1990 Get Together, 1991 Congress Declares Colon Magic Capital, 1992 Get Together, 1993 Get Together, 1994 Last Issue of New Tops Published, 1996 Get Together, 1997 Get Together Blackstone Memorial, 1998 Get Together, 1998 Abbott’s Mourns Loss Of Karrell Fox, 1998 Abbott’s Catalog #25, 1999 Get Together, 2000 Get Together, 2001 Abbott’s First Website, 2001 Calvert 90th Birthday at Get Together, 2002 Get Together, 2003 Get Together, 2004 Get Together, 2005 Get Together, 2006 Get Together, 2007 Get Together, 2007 created, 2007 IBM & SAM Honor Abbott’s Magic, 2008 Colon “Magic” Park Groundbreaking, 2008 Get Together, 2009 Get Together, 2010 First Compendium Released, 2010 Holstein Wins 1st Conklin Award, 2010 Get Together Memories, 2011 Second Compendium Released, 2011 Abbott’s Mourns Loss of Hank Moorehouse, 2011 John Calvert 100th Birthday At Get Together, 2012 Third Compendium Released, 2012 Family Reunion 75th Get Together, 2012 Abbott Magic Family On FaceBook, 2013 First Catalog is 1000th Download, 2013 Get Together, 2013 Magical Christmas Poem, 2014 Abbott’s 80th Birthday at Get Together, 2015 Fifth Compendium Released, 2015 Get Together, 2016 Get Together, 2017 Get Together, 2017 The Year Of The Side Show, 2017 Seventh Compendium Released, 2017 Welcome To The 80TH Get Together

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
140 pages

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