The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 1: The Percy Abbott Years

The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 1: The Percy Abbott Years
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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This is the first chapter in Abbotts Magic History. The Abbott Magic Company is perhaps America's most historic Magic Manufacturer and this is the how the story begins. The first 25 years of Abbotts existence is documented in this book as we follow Abbott's founder Percy Abbott on his magical journey which include the following: Percy Abbott’s Lifetime In Magic Before Colon Michigan, The Blackstone Magic Shop Falling Out, 1934 Percy Abbott Invents Squash, 1934 Abbott’s Magic Founded, 1934 Abbott’s Magic First Catalog Released, 1934 Recil Bordner Partnership, 1934 The First Magic Get Together, 1934 The First Magic Get Together, 1935 Abbott’s Magic Releases 2nd Catalog, 1935 Colon Called “Magic Capital”, 1936 Tops Magazine Begins, 1936 Get Together, 1936 Mutilated Parasols Manufactured, 1937 Garden Of Flowers Manufactured, 1937 Get Together, 1938 Get Together & The Abbott Fire, 1939 Eight Foot Guillotine Manufactured, 1939 Get Together, 1939 The War Years Begin, 1939 Magician Guild’s Special Show, 1940 Release of Catalog #6, 1940 UF Grant Joins Abbotts Staff, 1940 Abbott’s Acquire All U.F. Grant Effects, 1940 Howard “MEL” Melson joins the Staff, 1940 Get Together, 1941 Abbott’s Receives “Vital Industry Status”, 1941 “Encyclopedia Of Rope Effects”, 1941 Grant & Thornton Injured in Accident, 1941 Gen Grant Weds – Moves To Columbus, 1941 Get Together, 1942 Jesse Thornton Loses Leg, 1942 “Super X Levitation” Manufactured, 1942 Jesse Thornton Returns To Abbotts, 1942 Get Together, 1942 “Disecto” The Hit Effect Of The Year, 1943 Karson’s “Zombie” Manufactured, 1943 Abbott’s Purchases Tent Theatre, 1943 Karrell Fox Get Together Debut, 1943 Get Together, 1944 Get Together, 1944 Abbott’s Mourns Thornton Passing, 1945 Get Together Cancelled Due To War, 1945 Write In Campaign For Open House, 1945 End Of WW2 - 12th Get Together, 1946 Abbott Expansion To NY, LA, Chicago, Detroit, & Indy, 1946 MFG Rights To Jack Hughes Effects, 1946 Get Together, 1947 Abbott Magic 9th Catalog Delayed, 1947 Get Together, 1947 Get Together Marriage, 1948 Surprise Performance Of Edgar Bergen, 1948 Get Together, 1949 Percy Abbott On The Cover Of Genii, 1949 Orange Tree Illusion Released, 1949 Get Together, 1950 Bill Neff Miracle Rope Released, 1950 The “Pufferoo Incident” Occurs In LA, 1950 Get Together Cancelled, 1951 Get Together Cancelled, 1951 “Frame Of Life” Manufactured, 1952 Eddie Joseph 1st Appearance in U.S., 1952 Get Together, 1952 “Torturette” Manufactured, 1952 Neil Foster 1st Get Together Appearance, 1952 Catalog #13 Released, 1952 Get Together Tent Destroyed By Fire, 1953 Abbott’s Begins Sale Jewelry, 1953 Get Together, 1955 Box Of Pam Released, 1955 Get Together, 1955 Chami Khan Performs Crucifixion, 1956 Get Together, 1957 Get Together To Be Held In Niles MI, 1958 Abbott’s Mourn The Loss Of Howard “Mel” Melson, 1958 Last Issue Of Tops Magazine Published, 1958 Get Together, 1959 Percy Abbott Retires, 1959 Recil Bordner Purchases Percy’s Half, 1960 Percy Abbott Memorial

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
142 pages

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