Tenyo Tweezers – Magical Credit Card

Tenyo Tweezers – Magical Credit Card
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Tenyo Tweezers – Magical Credit Card (T-296) – Pluck large coins from a tiny hole! A pair of magic tweezers produces coins too large to fit through a tiny hole in a credit card. Is it amazing? Yes. It’s also visually absurd, and will cause laughs of surprise each time a new coin appears. One of Spain’s top magicians, Mario Lopez created this novel effect, and Tenyo has developed it in our own unique way to produce a new trick that is sure to baffle. Show a pair of tweezers and a credit card containing a tiny hole. Insert the tip of the tweezers into the hole… when you remove the tweezers, a large silver coin appears! Show both sides of the card—there is nothing to see. Yet, you proceed to produce more and more coins! Finally, wave the card over one of the coins, and it magically transforms into a dollar bill! From the 2021 Tenyo releases. Brand new, in sealed package. English instructions are available as a download document.