Tenyo Security Lock (T-260)

Tenyo Security Lock (T-260)
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Price $24.00
Sale Price $20.00
Tenyo Security Lock (T-260) $24 $20 – Impossible to remove! A spectator inserts a credit card into a case by himself. The instant the magician makes a magic wave over the case, the spectator is now unable to remove the card! When the magician takes back the case, he is able to slide out the card with no difficulty. This is the latest release from genius creator Lubor Fiedler! The props look and feel absolutely ungimmicked, yet allow you to perform this engaging and baffling magic effect with ease.

Effect: Remove the card from the locked case, and allow your spectator to examine everything carefully. Ask him to insert the card into the case. Wave the lock over the case with a magic gesture. Suddenly, it is impossible for your spectator to remove the card from the case! When you retrieve the case from your spectator, you are able to easily remove the card.

From the 2015 Tenyo releases. Brand new, in sealed package. English instructions are available as a download document.