Tenyo Screen Clean Silk Through Phone (T-282)

Tenyo Screen Clean Silk Through Phone (T-282)
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Tenyo Screen Clean Silk Through Phone - Miraculous magic that has shocked the world! You won't believe your eyes, even if you stare at this brilliant idea created by Jeimin. His ingenious effect has baffled audiences around the world. Tenyo has obtained permission from the creator to release this trick, with new touches that make it easier to perform. Show your mobile phone to the audience, and then push a handkerchief into the screen ... The handkerchief is absorbed into the phone ... And emerges on the other side! Visually pull the handkerchief entirely through the phone. Not limited to mobile phones! With the enclosed gimmick, you can perform the same effect with a box of chocolates, a deck of cards, and numerous other objects. (Please note that some objects will not correctly create the proper illusion. Read the enclosed instructions for details.) From the 2018 Tenyo releases. Brand new, in sealed package. English instructions are available as a download document.