THIS Production From Silks

THIS Production From Silks
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  • Item #: ABBthis
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Sometimes a trick comes along that really has everything. It is entertaining for both kids and adults. It is visually pretty to watch. And, it fools the daylights out of them. T.H.I.S. is just such a trick! Show three silk scarves. Display each one by tossing it into the air and catching it as it floats down. There is a red one, a yellow one and a blue one. Gather the three silks together and produce A Full Bottle Of Champagne! Pop the cork and pour out the contents. Not bad, eh? Read on! T.H.I.S. is NOT a body load of any kind! T.H.I.S. may be done away from all tables! T.H.I.S. may be done close-up and surrounded! T.H.I.S. does not have to be an opening effect! Do T.H.I.S. at anytime in your act! T.H.I.S. does not require assistants! T.H.I.S. may be used to produce a bottle of champagne, a bottle of cola ... even a dove! Pretty amazing? Darn right it is! Sounds too good to be true, we know. But believe us, the description is absolutely accurate in every way. It looks perfect! T.H.I.S. comes complete with all necessary silk scarves. Supply your own bottle and/or production articles.