Stars Of Magic Individual DVD Sale

Stars Of Magic Individual DVD Sale
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EARLY BIRD FLASH SALE - Limited Supply - Ships Late January - Reserve one now by ordering ahead - Sale Ends Jan 31. Select from the options the DVD(s) you would like to order, you can order as many as you like as many times as you like until they are gone.

Volume 1 Paul Harris
Paul Harris is regarded as one of the most creative forces in the history of magic. Innovative methods, entertaining plots and great audience appeal are hallmarks of Paul's effects. PAUL HARRIS (VOL 1) Super Swindle Bizarre Vanish Sidewinder Ultimate Ripoff Mickey Mouse Math Wack Your Pack Las Vegas Leaper Solid Deception Elevator Card Trick Bizarre Twist Overkill PAUL HARRIS CLOSE UP CLASSICS (VOL 2) Bush Whacker Seductive Switch Strange Exchange Hi-Ho Silver! Ballerina Cards (Las Vegas Split) Interlaced Vanish Reset Limo Service Screenplay PAUL HARRIS ADVENTURES IN CLOSE-UP (VOL 3) Flash Fold Vanishing Deck Open Revelation Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm Aces Sticky Fingers Vacuum Cleaner Cards Immaculate Connection MONSTER COIN ROUTINE featuring: Silver Slide Giant Killer Coin Free Flight Michael's Proposition PDQ Coins Across Twilight Color Stunner Blue Tatoo The Uncut Version TV Magic Card Running Time Approximately 208min

Volume 2 Paul Harris
Paul Harris is regarded as one of the most creative forces in the history of magic. Innovative methods, entertaining plots and great audience appeal are hallmarks of Paul's effects. PAUL HARRIS IMMACULATE CLOSE-UP! (VOL 4) Bleached Blackjack The J.A.P.H. Maneuver Mondo Nifty False Count Cellophane Surprise Immaculate Breakthrough Flap Jacks Stapled Uncanny Tap Dancing Aces Finale GalaxyThe Unshuffle (Perfectionist) Immaculate Video Scam The Ultra P.H. Immaculate Psychological PSwitch PAUL HARRIS CLOSE UP ASTONISHMENT (VOL 5) Bizarre Shrink Cue Cards Screwed Deck Fantasy Aces Card Cuffs (from "Brainstorm in the Bahamas") RubberBandScam Sugar Socker Gambler Vs Mentalist Vs Magician Double Decker Cardboard Connection Balducci Levitation Running Time Approximately 177min

Volume 3 Frank Garcia
Murphy's Magic Supplies is proud to present the only broadcast-quality video available from Frank Garcia. Respected as one of magic's all-time best performers, this DVD has something for everyone. FRANK GARCIA (VOL 6) Surprise Finish Four Bullet Routine Triumph Outdone The Traveling Visitor Sponge Ball Routine The Master Vanish Eyemazing Elevator Cup & Ball Routine Paul Harris' Overkill (performance only) FRANK GARCIA MAGICAL CLASSICS (VOL 7) Cups & Balls Cig-A-Rama Retention Coin Vanish Wild Coin Quadruple Coincidence Signed Card in Mouth An Ambitious Card Three Shell Game "What a great way to learn. I highly recommend it!" - David Copperfield "He is a legend in his time, and will leave an important legacy." - Slydini Running Time Approximately 116min

Volume 4 Derek Dingle
The only video currently available from this master of close-up magic. Dingle's reputation as one of the world's best sleight-of-hand artists is unsurpassed. DEREK DINGLE (VOL 8) We'll Twist Elmsley Aces Universal Card Bertram Coin Assembly All Backs Cigarette Through Quarter "A magician's magician." - Dick Cavett "World's greatest sleight-of-hand artist" - Bob McAllister - Wonderama "We have with us the greatest card manipulator in the world." - Barbara Walters "Reckoned by most magicians to be the greatest card manipulator extant." - Time Magazine Running Time Approximately 59min

Volume 5 Bernard Bills
Bernard Bilis is France's leading card magician. His moves and techniques are totally original. You will enjoy his subtleties and clever routines. BERNARD BILIS (VOL 9) It's Really Wild Open Travellers Cut & Restored Card Envelope Prediction & Bilis Switch Watch, Watch My Watch Sandwiched Thought Card Four of a Find in a Box & Quick Square Change Inseparable Highly recommended by leading card workers, such as: Slydini Harry Lorayne Frank Garcia Herb Zarrow Running Time Approximately 54min

Volume 6 Eric DeCamp
A 65 minute video of solid magic that's a guaranteed blockbuster! Eric De Camps is one of New York's premier close-up magicians. For your entertainment pleasure see and learn the following: ERIC DE CAMPS THE MAGIC CLASSICS (VOL 10) The Inverted Card Splitting The Twos Showboat Aces Royal Travelers Jokers Are Wild Ring And String Routine Card In Wallet Routine Of special note is "Jokers Are Wild". This update of the classic wild card trick features a mind-blowing payoff when the cards turn into cash! Eric's unique method of presenting "Card In Wallet" will make this a reputation maker for you. WOW! Eric's "Ring And String Routine" is worth the price of the video! It's one of the best walk-around effects that you will ever do. The impossible "visible link" will really fool you! Learn this one right away! Running Time Approximately 65min

Volume 7 All Stars
Frank Garcia, Paul Harris, David Roth and Derek Dingle have all made giant contributions to the art of close-up magic. You will enjoy this DVD! ALL STARS (VOL 11) FRANK GARCIA, PAUL HARRIS, DAVID ROTH & DEREK DINGLE FRANK GARCIA 4 Ace Location Card Stab Card Penetration PAUL HARRIS Cards Across 4 Ace Revelation DAVID ROTH 4 Cards Across Wild Coins Okito Box Routine DEREK DINGLE Too Many Cards Riffle Pass (full explanation) Running Time Approximately 59min

Volume 8 David Roth
David Roth is, without a doubt, the finest coin magician the world has ever known. Here is your chance to learn from the master. DAVID ROTH TEACHES MASTER COIN MAGIC (VOL 12) Winged Silver Chink A Chink Hanging Coins Retention Vanish Copper Silver The Portable Hole The Purse & Glass Coins Through The Table "First let me state that David Roth has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the confidence and friendship of the leading exponents of coin manipulation of the past. T. Nelson Downs, Allan Shaw, Manuel and Welch Miller all specialized in this branch of the magical art. To the very best of my judgment, David's ideas and execution far surpass any one of them. I feel quite certain that if they could witness his performance they would not only be astounded but realize that they had seen the master." - Dai Vernon DAVID ROTH TEACHES MORE MASTER COIN MAGIC (VOL 13) The Fugitive Coins The Flurry Jumbo Coin Production Four Coin Vanish & Reproduction The Accentric Purse Folding Coins Through Table They Both Go Across Deep Palm Tenkai Pennies Triple Change Spellbound Exhibition Coins Across Coin Box - Copper & Silver Wild Coin Squash Running Time Approximately 135min

Volume 9 David Roth
David Roth is, without a doubt, the finest coin magician the world has ever known. Here is your chance to learn from the master with these incredible "Live Lecture" titles: DAVID ROTH LIVE IN LONDON (VOL 14) Super Clean Coins Across One Coin Sequence The Erasure Coin The Fabulous Three Ball Routine (Includes the move that took Europe by storm) David Roth Custom Coin Box Set (Explanation and demonstration) Additional Coin Effects and Theory DAVID ROTH LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA (VOL 15) Stand-Up Wild Coin Sawa's Bank Night Stonehenge Coin Assembly Coin In Bottle Tuning Fork Thousands of magicians around the globe are all in agreement that David Roth is the finest coin manipulator in the world today! This astounding video is a genuine tribute to this great talent. Running Time Approximately 180min