Stack of Glasses Production

Stack of Glasses Production
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Many a club performer has no doubt wanted to produce a stack of fish bowls, but due to carrying space and the fact that he frequently had to work completely surrounded by his audience this great feature item was never added to his routine. With Abbott?s Stack of Glasses you can get the same effect and you can do it in the center of any floor or stage without screens or any other special equipment for a hideaway.

After any silk production the performer picks up a few silks and walks forward with them. The free hand dips underneath, the silks are pulled away and there, reposing on the palm of his hand, is a stack of five full-sized plastic tumblers - each tumbler filled to the brim with liquid! Even holding them appears to be a feat of balance or juggling but there is no need to worry on the performers part. The glasses may then be unstacked, one at a time, with the contents poured out or consumed.

Remember, you can work this effect surrounded and you do not have to carry any special or draped tables, boxes, screens, etc. Still, you do not use an body loads, either. And the stack of glasses (now supplied with clear, specially constructed, heavy plastic tumblers) will fit into any corner of your suitcase. Just fill them with liquid at your show site. Complete with glasses, clever gimmick and instructions.