Shredder Illusion - Abbotts Workshop Plans

Shredder Illusion - Abbotts Workshop Plans
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  • Item #: ABsreder
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Created by Lester Lake, this is an Abbott exclusive! Here is a sensational effect that is 100 percent effective. The magician demonstrates the simplicity of the apparatus by raising and lowering the series of spikes, showing that each spike passes through holes in the platform table. Each spike is proven to be solid and rigidly anchored in its foundation.

A girl assistant lies on the table and her head and feet are clamped into position. Four or five inflated balloons are placed on top of the girls body. The spikes are then pushed down. The audience hears the exploding balloons as the spikes come into contact with them. The spikes are pushed all the way through and each spike is clearly visible through the bottom of the table. Spikes are then withdrawn and the young lady is removed, none the worse for her experience. To any audience the effect is unbelievable.