Sefalaljia 2

Sefalaljia 2
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  • Item #: Sefalaljia2
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $650.00
Limited Edition - Stewart James’ legendary miniature one man spirit cabinet. Ropes and rings link, a large nail bends, a ball rolls out of the cabinet as if moved by the spirits, and objects move about and invert in baffling ways! Comes complete with beautiful solid oak cabinet, over twenty items to do the routine with inside a zippered canvas carry bag, and a manuscript that not only details the handling, but includes information on other “spook” effects that can be done with the cabinet, and discusses the history of Sefalaljia and its long association with Abbott’s Magic. Made from solid oak! These are truly collectible pieces. Special ordered knobs adorn the box. Solid brass rod included. A deluxe outfit throughout!