Sammy The Seal

Sammy The Seal
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  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $240.00
A very funny "training trick", perfect for your program! And the best part is, this wonderful trick, which was sold out for years, we have now produced an even more beautiful design than ever before. You'll be really excited. But read first the effect: On the table the magician sits a highly original seal. A balloon is inflated and "Sammy", this means the seal put on the nose. Sammy him there, balanced well-behaved. A spectator selects a card, they will remember and shuffles the cards back into play. He then throws the whole game against Sammy's balloon. The balloon burst - and Sammy suddenly balanced by the spectators chosen card on the nose! The card may be signed even before! You purchase this art piece, the funniest and most convincing demonstration of the balloon tricks that have seen their audience size! Sammy is about 35 cm high, artistic design and a decorative piece for the stage and salon, as it can not be thought better. He works virtually by itself, absolutely safe and can be packed small! This trick will inspire honest and your audience will enjoy their bright Sammy have the discipline miracle! Of course, Sammy shows his tricks just as happy to adults (with normal playing cards) and from children (with a quartet or face cards)!