Rice Bowls, Brahmin, ALUMINUM

Rice Bowls, Brahmin, ALUMINUM
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  • Item #: P1324
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $66.00
Now you can perform the classic ancient RICE BOWL EFFECT , without the fear of failure or troublesome mess. The effect is the same but much easier to perform, the bowls are shown empty, one bowl is filled to the brim with rice, the rice then doubles in quantity.

The excess rice is removed. The remaining rice then vanishes and changes to water, which is poured from bowl to bowl!!! NOTE THESE IMPORTANT FEATURES: The two bowls are shown unmistakably empty at the beginning. THE SPECTATORS CAN LOOK RIGHT INTO THE BOWLS. NO PLASTIC DISCS OR RUBBER COVERS ARE USED!!! The principle is truly scientific. The above description of the effect is exactly as you perform it. At the finale the flow of the water is completely under the control of the performer.

AN ADDED FEATURE: You receive THREE BOWLS: Two Rice Bowls and an extra bowl to be used to hold the rice and for pouring the water into at the end. It compliments the set and will add a touch of class!! Bowls are polished, and have a flat black interior.