Rainbow Rabbit Production

Rainbow Rabbit Production
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  • Item #: P7968
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $169.00
The performer explains that every magician is supposed to produce a rabbit from his hat but lo and behold, you dropped your hat on the way to the show and a truck flattened it.

The hat is introduced and shown to be empty. Magi exclaims that he knows that his rabbits are still around somewhere. He reaches into the hat and produces seven different colored rabbits each time showing the hat empty. This can be done as a "running gag" during the show. After producing the seven rabbits the magician says that his rabbits knows his name and he turns the rabbits around and his name is spelled on the backside of the rabbit.

The rabbits are Silk Screened on Metal!
Comes with a folding stand!
The backs can be changed to whatever prediction or child's name you want!