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Tambo Rings Triangle Production
Tambo RingsTriangle Production
Rings are plated metal and are eight inches in diameter. The trick is supplied with both rings, three hat coils, plus directions. Check demo by Greg.Folds flat. Three separate changes or production of silks,, money or other fold flat objects.



Triple Card Castle From Bag (minature cards) Wonder Box Improved
Triple Card Castle From Bag (minature cards)Wonder Box Improved
A new and novel model of the popular "Flower Bags from empty Bag" production, this enables you to produce three card castles from an empty paper bag.Remember the little car that would pull into one of the circus rings and 20 clowns would get out? How did they all fit into that tiny car? That's what your audience will think when they wonder how all the scarves come out of this tiny box!



61 - 64 of 64 items