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Appearing Bird Cage Crystal Gift Box
Appearing Bird CageCrystal Gift Box
This is one of the biggest appearing bird cages we have seen. It's a production cage, that folds flat and springs erect after production. It springs open automatically when lifted, and may be made to appear from a large production box, body load etc. DEMOA large bunch of flowers visibly appears in a clear Crystal box tied with a ribbon. Box is made from sturdy Acrylic sheet, 7.5" wide, 5.75" deep, and 3" high. ! Supplied complete box, ribbon and instructions.



Life Like Rabbit Rice Bowls
Life Like RabbitRice Bowls
Abbotts life like rabbit made here in the basement for over 60 years, Penn and Teller feature one of these in their Vegas show. Indeed this animal looks very much alive. No feeding or watering required.Two large silver bowls are used in this mystery. Fill one bowl with rice (or Puffed Rice), level it off and cover it with the other bowl. In an instant, the rice doubles in quantity. Do it again, and this time the rice magically turns into cool,...



See thru Mirror Box Super Drawer Box
See thru Mirror Box Super Drawer Box
Instance Appearance from a See-Through Box Display an attractive sharp looking jet blue box with a clear plastic front door. The audience sees a pile of silks inside, or any other object thru the clear plastic front. Open the front plastic door...It is excellent for stage or platform use and especially good for livestock. Colorful and well made.



Temple Screen The Haunted  Chest
Temple ScreenThe Haunted Chest
This original Temple Screen is the Best in the Business!This is the classic Top Over Production Box, in the form of an attractive wooden "Treasure Chest". Check out the demonstration which was done for our Halloween promotion last year. Large load area!



The Magic Pagoda THIS Production From Silks
The Magic PagodaTHIS Production From Silks
An empty wooden temple is shown. With a tap on the roof, a silk or sponge ball appears inside instantly. The temple stands about 9 inches tall and displays beautifully. Check out the demo by BJ Mallen.Produce a bottle of Christmas cheer this holiday from three silks each shown empty. Great for New Year production of champagne.



Abbotts Casket of Pandora Abbotts Classic Production
Abbotts Casket of PandoraAbbotts Classic Production
This excellent piece of apparatus can be used in many ways--as a production, a vanish or to exchange articles.If you have seen the tour of Abbotts, this is the prop the woodshop was working on that you saw partially complete



Abbotts Classic Square Circle Crystal Silk Cylinder
Abbotts Classic Square CircleCrystal Silk Cylinder
As seen on the hit TV show "Big Bang Theory"! (Season 5, Episode 12, The Shiny Trinket Maneuver, Watch it here) Comes with load chamber on the bottom to secretly hold an optional additional production from the bottom.A classy and impressive piece of apparatus to own and to use.



Abbotts Den O Zen Abbotts Genii Tube
Abbotts Den O ZenAbbotts Genii Tube
Audiences want to see showy and spectacular effects--Den-O-Zen stands way out in front in this category.This apparatus will give you a foolproof silk production - close-up and surrounded.



Abbotts Hat Coils Abbotts Metal Round Circle
Abbotts Hat CoilsAbbotts Metal Round Circle
A huge quantity of paper is produced from a borrowed hatTwo metal tubes are shown. The outer tube is of polished brass and has two large circular holes in its side. The inner tube is solid and is chromed. The fake supplied for this effect is a new departure and it makes for foolproof working. Demo



Abbotts Nested Ringing Alarm Clock Stand Abbotts Nite-Club Cylinders
Abbotts Nested Ringing Alarm Clock StandAbbotts Nite-Club Cylinders
Get Both the nested alarms and the stand together for only $550.00 (a savings of $30.00 when purchased seperately) A fast, classy and mysterious effect accomplished with three attractive metal tubes, one red, one green and one yellow - Check out the demonstration by our friends in Texas!



Abbotts Orange Classic Abbotts Super Bowl of Water Production
Abbotts Orange ClassicAbbotts Super Bowl of Water Production
A table cloth is removed from a thin-topped table. This is shown and then placed over a large clear glass (or plastic) bowl. With a slight shake, a dozen real oranges drop into the bowl. Any table can be used. There are no body loads. Items other...Comes complete with Supersonic Table Base, table top, bowl, accessories and instructions. No cloth foulard supplied.



Abbotts Surrounded Production Box Abbotts Tubes of Buddah
Abbotts Surrounded Production BoxAbbotts Tubes of Buddah
A box designed to do exactly what its name impliesA large production (silks and/or livestock)



Appearing Broom from Air Appearing Candy Cane or Barber Pole
Appearing Broom from AirAppearing Candy Cane or Barber Pole
Just open a small bag or your briefcase and pull out a FULL size BROOMReach into a bag or production box and produce an eight foot candy cane or barber shop pole depending on the season.



Appearing Wand Bag of Flowers
Appearing WandBag of Flowers
Casually reach into your pocket or hat, and pull out an huge MAGIC WAND!After showing the bag empty you can remove several crystal boxes filled with flowers



Color Changing Pyramid - Europe Crystal Silk Cylinder - Deluxe
Color Changing Pyramid - EuropeCrystal Silk Cylinder - Deluxe
The pyramid folds into a small flat triangle for ease of transportation and will mystify even the most professional magicians!The Crystal Silk Cylinder is a classic magic prop with many uses!



Duplex Glasses and Silks Genii Box
Duplex Glasses and SilksGenii Box
The performer's hands are empty. No gimmicks to get rid of. No body or sleeve work. Positively self-contained. Complete with glasses, silks and instructions.A few silks are placed into this small wooden box. The box is opened and the silks are gone!



Magic Cube Production and Take Apart Box
Magic CubeProduction and Take Apart Box
A clear cube is shown. The audience can see through it from every angle. Suddenly, the cube fills with colorful silks!This classy handmade box of linen and glimmer can be used to make objects appear or disappear!



Professional Square Circle Silk Production Box
Professional Square CircleSilk Production Box
Durable highest quality Square Circle stage illusion designed for the professional. The 'black are design' of this Square Circle allows for a highly deceptive illusion. The square box with mesh window stands 11.75 in. (29.8 cm) high. DEMO!Included with the instructions is a method for producing a large additional load of silks as used by Percy Abbott in his own show.



Tambo Rings Triangle Production
Tambo RingsTriangle Production
Rings are plated metal and are eight inches in diameter. The trick is supplied with both rings, three hat coils, plus directions. Check demo by Greg.Folds flat. Three separate changes or production of silks,, money or other fold flat objects.



Triple Card Castle From Bag (minature cards) Wonder Box Improved
Triple Card Castle From Bag (minature cards)Wonder Box Improved
A new and novel model of the popular "Flower Bags from empty Bag" production, this enables you to produce three card castles from an empty paper bag.Remember the little car that would pull into one of the circus rings and 20 clowns would get out? How did they all fit into that tiny car? That's what your audience will think when they wonder how all the scarves come out of this tiny box!



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