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Color Changing Houdini Knife Magic Birdcage Paddle Trick
Color Changing Houdini KnifeMagic Birdcage Paddle Trick
Beautiful heavy duty pocket knife, houdini escapes from the knife. Classic color changing knife paddle move. Only one available at this time, first come first served. Check out the demo by Greg BordnerYou show two paddles, one with a parrot and one with a cage. With a little magic you make the parrot fly to the other paddle and land in the cage. Great trick. DEMO!



Magic Stick Psychic Card Paddle
Magic StickPsychic Card Paddle
Amazing & Easy to Learn! Magically change the stick into the spectator''s selected color! Includes magic stick and full illustrated directions.It's the Classic Princess Card Trick on a paddle! You show a wooden paddle that contains six different mini playing cards on one side, and the same six playing cards on the other side. Ask a spectator to Merely THINK of one of the cards. With a...



Sizzle Stick Wonder Signal (Funtime Magic)
Sizzle StickWonder Signal (Funtime Magic)
Show the HotRod with six different colors, same on both sides. A spectator selects a color. Then, the HotRod changes into the spectator’s selected color! Receive two hot rods so the effect can be repeated with a different color, a "sizzle" of a deal.The spots magically change to three orange or yellow spots, then three green spots and finally three different colors (red, orange and green) on both sides of the paddle. NEW DEMO BY SHANGO



Dragster Jumping Arrow
DragsterJumping Arrow
The Hot Rod for the pro. Clear rod with jewels on all four sides which change to a selected color-every spot.The Amazing Jumping Arrow is destined to become a classic.



Magical HotRod - Brass Slip Off Spots
Magical HotRod - BrassSlip Off Spots
This Magical HotRod may be handed out for examination. Another great trick that fools magicians!The rod is pushed through the fist holding the die. The rods now fills with the colors of the gems and the die is seen to be blank.



Transpotted Paddle
Transpotted Paddle
Color is chosen and the spot vanishes to be revealed on the back of a selected card. Easy to do.


1 - 11 of 11 items