Multiplying Bottles - Martini

Multiplying Bottles - Martini
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  • Item #: P3640
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $175.00

The Multiplying Bottles are a Classic and Greatest Comedy Effects in Magic!!

There are many variations and models available. The Martini Bottle Set is Top of the line for several reasons:

8 Spun Aluminum Bottles
2 Spun Aluminum Anodized Red Covers
NO Chipping Paint!
Look Like Real Bottles
The Martini Multiplying Bottles consist of EIGHT nesting bottles, (2 sets of four nest, and two outer covers.)
Perform the Passee Passee routine:
A Glass and a Bottle under different covers repeatedly change places !
A bottle magically jumps from one tube to the other, then back! The performer and audience never seem to know where it is.
Then a second bottle appears, then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and finally the eighth appears! There are bottles everywhere!