Midas Touch (Skymember Presents)

Midas Touch (Skymember Presents)
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Midas Touch (Skymember Presents) — Direct from the America's Got Talent stage to your repertoire. In 2017, Dania Diaz performed an incredible opener during her routine on "America's Got Talent: The Champions". This visual effect was designed exclusively for her by Julio Montoro. Now, after working closely with Skymember Presents for over three years, Julio is excited to share "Midas Touch" with you.

"Midas Touch" allows you to pluck an object from a piece of paper like a real-life wizard. The "Sketch Edition" allows you to bring a drawing to life using laminated, water-resistant paper that can be customized for each performance. The "Flyer Edition" has been custom-designed on high-resolution paper with eye-popping colors to command attention from your audience. Either version can be handed out for examination at the end.

Truly remarkable visual magic. Premium quality, realistic gimmicks. Two available options in each pack. Image can be examined. Super easy to do. Great for social media magic videos, virtual magic shows or in-person close-up magic shows.

NOTE FROM SKYMEMBER PRESENTS: Each "Midas Touch" comes with all the necessary props and design packs to prepare either the "Sketch" or "Flyer" version. This required DIY is simple. However, please watch the full tutorial before choosing your design and attempting to build your own.

Skymember Presents has also reserved the commercial rights for "Midas Touch". This means you must please contact Skymember Presents before performing "Midas Touch" in any broadcast format including, but not limited to, TV shows or web shows.