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Where Will You go World of Super Mentalism - Becker
Where Will You goWorld of Super Mentalism - Becker
International flags and a prediction make this trick unique.At last a big book containing a collection of mind staggering demonstrations of ESP by one of the best creative mentalists.



Yogi Hyp (An Act of Yogi Hyp) Zenner Tech
Yogi Hyp (An Act of Yogi Hyp)Zenner Tech
How many times have you been asked, "Can you hypnotize?" Did you have to dodge the issue? Take our tip and get Yogi Hyp and you will be set for that next occasion.The spectator freely decides which of the five symbols to draw on each card, with no forces, equivoque or other hokey magician's ploys.



181 - 184 of 184 items