Magic Wand Scrolls - 100 Pack

Magic Wand Scrolls - 100 Pack
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Share the gift of magic with 100 of your biggest fans! Or 100 potential customers. Magic Wand Scrolls are an extraordinary giveaway at shows PLUS customizable business cards all in one! Next time a young spectator asks, "Can you teach me a trick?" Simply hand them a Magic Wand Scroll.

When they remove the wand from its tube, they'll find a free magic trick rolled up inside!

• Unroll the magic in a memorable way!
• Written & illustrated for beginners!
• Easy to read, even for children!
• The magical way to book more shows!

Each box contains 100 Magic Wand Scrolls disguised as five-inch magic wands. There are eight tricks per hundred, each written and illustrated by Aaron Smith.

The tricks include:
Vanishing Ink Pen
Beginners ACAAN
Kellar Rope Tie Variation
Assisted Coin Vanish
The Rising Card
Vanishing and Appearing Napkin
An Easy Prediction
and Coin Through Dollar.