Magic Prediction Mug - 10 of Hearts

Magic Prediction Mug - 10 of Hearts
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  • Manufacturer: MAK
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During a tea break with his friends, the magician has a card selected from a deck. He performs a few tricks and then takes a sip of tea. To everyone’s disbelief his mug, that initially was clearly full of decorations with numbers and card suits, now has only one number and suit clearly visible as the others have magically faded away… and these correspond exactly to the spectators chosen card!

An unusual and offbeat effect, that is easy to do as drinking a cup of tea!

• This mug is a real must have object for anybody that is passionate about magic.

• The mug is made in white ceramic and has beautiful and vivid playing card decorations on it.

• Although the effect can be performed with a regular deck of cards, we also include a special deck that will make the performance even easier, and with which you can perform also many other amazing card tricks.