MAGICRAFT'S Visible Candle to Salt

MAGICRAFT'S Visible Candle to Salt
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  • Item #: ABBmgcvcts
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $25.00

A tall white candle, in a holder, is displayed and lit. The flame is blown out and the candle is covered with a clear plastic tube. The candle is easily seen through the clear tube. In fact, the candle never leaves anyone's sight during the entire trick. The performer then vanishes some salt. Picking up the candle by its base, the candle visibly changes to the salt! The salt is immediately poured out into a goblet or onto a tray. All traces of the candle are gone! This is it! The finest method to produce (or re-produce) salt! Clean, fast and automatic. The trick works itself. You will marvel over its simplicity. There is nothing to go wrong. Remember, the candle visibly turns to salt. Comes complete with candle, tube, base, and instructions.