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Fire & Production Book by JL Magic Abbotts 1000 Dove Vanish Challenge
Fire & Production Book by JL MagicAbbotts 1000 Dove Vanish Challenge
The magician presents a hard cover book, opens the cover and flames erupt from the pages! The book is closed extinguishing the flames and when opened again, an item that could not possibly fit in the book, instantly appears! Check out the demo!How would you like to place two live doves in a small chest, on any undraped table, then allow an audience committee to step forward and take the chest apart themselves, piece by piece and offer an award to anyone who can find the doves in the box?



Appearing Bird Cage Crystal Fish Cylinder
Appearing Bird CageCrystal Fish Cylinder
This is one of the biggest appearing bird cages we have seen. It's a production cage, that folds flat and springs erect after production. It springs open automatically when lifted, and may be made to appear from a large production box, body load etc. DEMOAn orange silk (or two orange silks) is placed inside an empty tube and immediately change into a gold fish (or two). 9.5" high. Also can be used as a regular crystal cylinder routine.



Dove Tail Deceptions Dove To Rabbit Cage
Dove Tail DeceptionsDove To Rabbit Cage
Dovetail deceptions by Senor Torino is one of the first books on performing dove magic routines ever written.Professional magicians all over the world use this cage principal in their mega illusion shows. This is a fantastic illusion at a great price.



Fish Bowl Production - Marotta Instant Download - Live Magic
Fish Bowl Production - Marotta Instant Download - Live Magic
This has been a staple in Rich Marotta's Act (Another Get Together performer from the class of 2011). Check out the demo by Rich.Livestock workers - this is the booklet you have been waiting for! Printed and published by Abbotts, the twenty-four illustrated pages detail practical magic with livestock



Rabbit Production Box Rubber Canary
Rabbit Production BoxRubber Canary
You can also use a box to produce a very large load of silks or flowers or other magician’s productions props.The rubber canary is a Nielsen product of top quality. It can be produced or vanished from any small space even a thumb tip. Also used in any vanishing bird cage.



Splitting A Skunk Twin Dove in Balloon
Splitting A SkunkTwin Dove in Balloon
A truly visual miracle as you perform with the single skunk during your act as you would any other "spring" animal, but lo and behold, at any time during your act you split him into two skunks. Great visual effect with the absolute highest quality props, made in the USA at Abbotts Magic.This trick has flash, surprise and mystery - and you can work it surrounded!



Abbotts Beauty Canary Cage Abbotts Carnival Ribbons
Abbotts Beauty Canary CageAbbotts Carnival Ribbons
This cage may also be used for the effect of cracking an egg on top of the cage and having a bird appear from the egg.Here is a startling production of a dove - without body loads or steals of any kind



Abbotts Den O Zen Dove Bag - Kardyro
Abbotts Den O ZenDove Bag - Kardyro
Audiences want to see showy and spectacular effects--Den-O-Zen stands way out in front in this category.It is a feature mystery that has been used by top professionals around the world.



Abbotts Dove in Balloon Abbotts Dove To Duck
Abbotts Dove in BalloonAbbotts Dove To Duck
This is a flash effect that can become a feature in any act. An unprepared balloon is inflated and attached to the top of a thin tray. At the magician's command the balloon bursts and a live dove makes its instantaneous appearance! Modern magic in every respect! Demo by Greg BordnerA sensational affect created by Milbourne Christopher



Abbotts Dove to Silk Sensation Abbotts Dove Workers Vest
Abbotts Dove to Silk SensationAbbotts Dove Workers Vest
This may be performed surrounded.The body-loader's best friend! This vest eliminates the need to sew pockets to the inside lining of your coats. It can be worn under any coat. The vest is adjustable for all sizes and is available in either black or white material. Please specify when ordering. Demo by Greg Bordner



Abbotts Duck Bucket Abbotts Duck Production
Abbotts Duck BucketAbbotts Duck Production
This device is over twelve inches tall and is twelve inches in diameter at its baseThis outfit is a beauty and the effect is really, really big



Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box Jumbo Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box Standard
Abbotts Elusive Bunny Box JumboAbbotts Elusive Bunny Box Standard
Large version of the Elusive Bunny Box, this box Measures about 14 x 11 x 13.5This effect can be a feature in your repertoire! It can be performed surrounded, no angles to worry about. Check out the demo by Marty Hahne, its one of our all time favorite demonstrations.



Abbotts Fish Bait Abbotts Hong Kong Dove Production
Abbotts Fish BaitAbbotts Hong Kong Dove Production
Each fish is made from silk, perfect for any aerial fishing routine (a routine is included for you), check out the demonstration by Greg Bordner.This model is beautiful in appearance with a hard lacquer finish - artistically decorated.



Abbotts Hypnotizing a Rabbit Abbotts Invisible Dove Harness
Abbotts Hypnotizing a RabbitAbbotts Invisible Dove Harness
The animal is never in any danger or discomfort. Complete with the special hardwood stand and instructions.With this professionally-made apparatus, a live dove can be produced bare-handed



Abbotts Lapaloma Dove Penetration Abbotts Live Stock Vanish - Stadelman
Abbotts Lapaloma Dove PenetrationAbbotts Live Stock Vanish - Stadelman
A Neil Foster Creation - Magicians produce and vanish doves but there aren't, ordinarily, very many other effects to do with the birds. "La Paloma" is the answer. This is not a guillotine or chopper type of effect - it is a penetration! Check out the Demo by Greg Bordner!Self-contained and can be done surrounded. Created by Paul Stadelman.



Abbotts Miracle Cage Vanish Abbotts Rabbit from Hat Production
Abbotts Miracle Cage VanishAbbotts Rabbit from Hat Production
A startling and perfect closing effectWe send you a specially prepared, fine quality black felt top hat and the directions. You supply the bunny and you are all set to go. Check out the new demo by Greg!



Abbotts Splitting the Hare Abbotts Suckerette
Abbotts Splitting the HareAbbotts Suckerette
Magician produces a rabbit through his favorite method, then instantly splits the rabbit in two, now having two identical white rabbits.Here is a magical combination: A vanish - a change and a production!



Abbotts Surrounded Duck Vanish or Production Abbotts Surrounded Livestock Vanish
Abbotts Surrounded Duck Vanish or ProductionAbbotts Surrounded Livestock Vanish
This box was designed to vanish a duck while surrounded by spectators.This box is designed to vanish several doves or a good-sized rabbit, while surrounded by spectators.



Abbotts Where Do They Go Come Out Flying
Abbotts Where Do They GoCome Out Flying
This spectacular effect always leaves an audience spellbound with amazement.One of the finest books on dove work ever written. A collection of forty features, most of these tricks and routines from leading magicians.



Dovan Dove Bag - Black, 1-Hand
DovanDove Bag - Black, 1-Hand
This can be performed surrounded and in your bathing suit! It's all in the boards!Silent operation!



Dove from Sketch Pad Dove Thru Glass
Dove from Sketch PadDove Thru Glass
Direct from Dan Sperry's award winning Las Vegas Dove ActI received the dove through the glass illusion today ,and I'm very pleased with the product hardwood construction and it works perfectly, I owned and performed this effect in the mid-70s,but I actually think this new version is even better than the old one. Tim J. Goswick.



Doves to Rabbit Duck Pan
Doves to RabbitDuck Pan
All four sides fall down and the doves are gone. At the same time a live rabbit is seen on the platform.The granddaddy of the "Dove Pan family". Ideal for large auditorium shows, stage productions, etc. Will produce a small rabbit, small duck or even a small dog. Perfect for the "really big shows". See demo by BJ Mallen!



Flipover Dove Box - Hampton Ridge Magic Ink to Goldfish
Flipover Dove Box - Hampton Ridge MagicInk to Goldfish
These are perfect for the professional performer who needs props that are both dependable and beautiful!The glass is not filled with ink anymore, but crystal clear water... and live goldfish!



Live Magic Neil Foster Dove Production
Live MagicNeil Foster Dove Production
Livestock workers - this is the booklet you have been waiting for!Since its release, over twenty-five years ago, the Neil Foster Dove Production has been acclaimed by magicians from all over the world as the smoothest method on the market.



Rabbitt Wringer Formica Tops Treasury of Dove Magic
Rabbitt Wringer FormicaTops Treasury of Dove Magic
High quality design, wonderful workmanship and beautiful finishing make this classic trick one that you will be proud to performThis book is a collection of ideas, tricks, suggestions and articles from the pages of "TOPS" Magazine of Magic, dealing with magic with doves.



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