Last Card On Planet Krypton

Last Card On Planet Krypton
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  • Item #: ABBhalloweenimplastcard
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Halloween Version - After a terrible disaster on the an alien planet Krypton (vulcan,mars, etc) only 1 Kryptonian has survived. At this point the magician has a spectator select a card. Deck is shuffled and can even be shuffled by the spectator. The card is lost in the deck. The magician now explains that their are four continents on the planet, represented by four colors. He then deals 16 cards off the top of the deck and places 4 cards onto each of the continents. The spectator tells which continent he wants to look for his card and the 12 other cards are removed, leaving 4 cards. The four cards are placed onto the colors and the Magician says this represents the cities in that continent. The spectator selects one card and it is the selected card. Spectator had a free choice of any of the 16 cards yet will always select the proper card. Great fun and many other patter opportunities will present themselves for Halloween and Christmas.

A Jack Hughes creation, four cards are secured under each of the clips on the stand, the magician explains that the last card remaining will be the chosen card, and that as a color is named, the cards clipped on that color will be removed and eliminated. Three colors are called, one at a time and their cards are removed. The remaining four cards are re-distributed so that one card lies under each of the four clips. Once again the spectator calls out the colors and the cards are removed until only one card remains clipped to the stand. When the chosen card is named, the card on the stand is turned around and it is the selection!