Key-R-Rect (Merriss Magic)

Key-R-Rect (Merriss Magic)
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Price $10,000.00

SOLD - Key-R-Rect (Merriss Magic) — A regulation Master Padlock and 6 keys are presented to the audience. Five keys are tried and do not open the lock. The sixth key does open it. All six keys are sealed in small pay envelopes and mixed by a spectator. The mentalist chooses one envelope without looking. The key in that envelope is tried in the lock and … voila! … the lock springs open! This Key-R-Rect was brand new in the shop; however, it was used as a demo trick many, many years ago. It comes with the Master Padlock, the keys necessary to do the trick, the original plastic case packaging, and the original instructions. Works great; there are not too many of these around anymore. Grab this vintage, classic mentalism magic trick quickly. Only one and it will disappear fast!