Instant Manuscript Download - The Invisible Influence

Instant Manuscript Download - The Invisible Influence
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Abbott Manuscripts contain effects and/or routines that may or may not require additional props. They are longer than most instructions but shorter than a book.

Eddie Joseph fans will love this lost treasure we found at Abbotts. It was written on a typewriter so its not as crisp as todays word processing documents, but it contains an incredible 6 phase card routine where you do not touch the cards. If you are looking to show something that has not been seen in years, take a look at this incredible 15 page routine. Eddie works everything out for you and the instructions are very detailed (on the last page Eddie writes "All this may seem complicated to you, but actually it is not".

A convincing example of a particular branch of psychic development generally believed in and practiced in India is how Eddie Joseph describes this effect. You do not touch the cards throughout! All Abbott downloads are instant when using Paypal, credit cards take a bit longer.