Instant Manuscript Download - Sympathetic Silks by Percy Abbott

Instant Manuscript Download - Sympathetic Silks by Percy Abbott
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Abbott Manuscripts contain effects and/or routines that may or may not require additional props. They are longer than most instructions but shorter than a book.

The sympathetic silk trick is very popular. It is flashy, takes up no space, and the effect on an audience is very good.

The performer steps forward with six silks. Three are counted out and placed in full view to one side. The remaining three are tied end to end and gathered up into a bundle. The performer commands the knots to leave the bundle and to travel over to the separate silks. Presto! The silks are pulled out from the bundle and are found to be separated. And likewise the three separate silks are found to be knotted together.

Sympathetic Silks was written by Percy Abbott and is 6 pages long. All Abbott downloads are instant when using Paypal, credit cards take a bit longer.