Instant Manuscript Download - Premonition

Instant Manuscript Download - Premonition
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Manuscripts contain effects and/or routines that may or may not require additional props. They are longer than most instructions but shorter than a book.

Premonition is the most amazing magic release of all time by that magical genius—Eddie Joseph! It is an Abbott exclusive! It is an effect in the miracle class—one that your audiences will remember you by— it is a reputation builder! You have only to perform this effect once— before an audience of one or one thousand—and we know that you will agree with our enthusiasm. Anyone in the audience is asked to call out the name of any card in the deck. That person is asked to pick up a pack of cards from the table and to deal the cards, one at a time, until he comes to the card he just named.

The assistant deals every card in the deck and fails to find his card. He then counts the dealt cards and finds that there are only 51 cards present and the missing card is the card just named aloud! The performer reaches into his pocket and without hesitation brings out the very card named by the spectator—the one found missing from the pack. At no time does the performer touch the cards. There is absolutely no force involved. The element of chance is not a factor in this effect—it works every time. It is always ready. Ordinary cards are used—there are no fake cards. The current edition of Premonition contains all of the new thinking by the author—variations which allow for the use of two spectators instead of one and for the possibility of an instant repeat of the effect! A printed manuscript.

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