Instant Manuscript Download - Neff's Miracle Rope

Instant Manuscript Download - Neff's Miracle Rope
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Manuscripts contain effects and/or routines that may or may not require additional props. They are longer than most instructions but shorter than a book. All Abbott downloads are instant when using Paypal, credit cards take a bit longer.

Below is the original description of the effect

This is the original! A length of unprepared rope is shown and cut into two pieces by a spectator. The magician holds one piece in each hand - hands may be widely separated. He waves the ends of the rope together and, in a flash, the pieces seem to visibly melt together into one piece. This rope is the same length as first shown and may immediately be given out for examination.

Magicians have marveled at this rope trick and many have tried to duplicate it without success - and now it can be yours. No snap or screw gimmicks - no magnets - no wires and no threads. The rope can be marked for future identification. It can be immediately thrown out for examination - there is no exchange or fussing. This effect was part of a professionals act for many years before it was released to the magical fraternity - all the performing and presentation details are included. No special rope required. Absolutely clean - the method is undetectable. This one astounds magicians! Created by Bill Neff.