Instant Manuscript Download - Hole Collection by Billy McComb

Instant Manuscript Download - Hole Collection by Billy McComb
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Manuscripts contain effects and/or routines that may or may not require additional props. They are longer than most instructions but shorter than a book.

Hole Collection by Billy McComb is 23 pages and a description of it is below.

The performer describes the strange hobby of Dr. McNulty-Hawkins of London who collected different kinds of holes! Samples from this collection are shown as you describe and identify them. This is not a magic trick but a visual comedy routine with props that you can easily make from poster board using a razor or cutting knife. This routine can fit in anywhere in your show or may be used by itself when you are called upon for a few minutes of fun. It could also be made up in calling cards size for use in close-up situations. We have added a few additional holes to the original illustrated routine together with some additional patter. Don't miss this! A Billy McComb creation

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