Instant Manuscript Download - Comedy Cut N Restored Necktie

Instant Manuscript Download - Comedy Cut N Restored Necktie
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Abbott Manuscripts contain effects and/or routines that may or may not require additional props. They are longer than most instructions but shorter than a book.

Comedy Cut N Restored Necktie manuscript is 11 pages and was created by Bill Neff. Below is description of the routine.

Here is comedy at its best. The original Bill Neff presentation with all the "bits of business", action and comedy situations as performed by the originator. It is impossible for us to adequately give a fair description of all the ramifications of this comedy gem. A man (or boy) from the audience assists the performer (a perfect follow-up to the Bill Neff Miracle Rope). The performer cuts a piece away from the tie worn by the assistant - then a second piece - a third piece, etc., until all that is left is the piece that encircles the volunteer's neck. This piece is removed and held by the subject.

The spectator then empties his right pants pocket and the actual cut pieces are placed in his pocket and the end of the tie is pulled to the opening of the pocket. This end is slowly pulled from the pocket and it is seen that the pieces have magically formed together. But, when the tie is pulled all the way out of the pocket, something is seen to be wrong. The whole end of the tie is missing! The magician passes his hand over the end and the tie is now seen to be fully restored. At no time is anything held out in the magician?s hand. No apparatus or changing device of any kind is used. Just the man (or boy) wearing the tie, a pair of shears and the magician. This trick has been time-tested and could prove to be a comedy hit in your show!

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