Instant Instruction Download - Repeating Snake Basket

Instant Instruction Download - Repeating Snake Basket
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  • Item #: ABBIrepeatingsnakebsk
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Instructions for many of their props are now available for download. These are the instructions only and are the same ones that Abbotts would send with the prop! In a few cases they will be very brief and not be understood unless you own the prop. These are ideal for

-Replacing lost or damaged instructions
-For sellers and buyers of used magic
-For sellers and buyers on auction sites

Repeating Snake Basket instructions include 2 pages and a description of the prop is below.

Say hello to "Repeater Pete", the big brother to Abbott's Simplified Snake In The Basket. All of the features of the simplified routine are included with Abbott's Repeating Snake In The Basket, with several important additions. "Pete" will rise up for a bow after successfully finding the selected card. He will return for another bow, and another, and another. Again and again he rises ... just as many times as the performer wishes.

"Pete" is under the complete control of the performer at all times. The difference? Abbott's Repeating Snake Basket is electrically operated. There is no winding necessary. It is always ready - just flick the switch. It is battery operated, requiring no outside wires or connections. It works completely away from special tables or assistants.

You will also receive a special comedy routine involving members of the audience, special costumes, musical instruments and bits of business. Abbott's snake baskets may be used with playing cards, number or alphabet cards, Old Maid or picture cards, etc. A selected color silk may be found by "Pete" or any small piece of apparatus may be incorporated into the basket routine. "Pete" could even share your applause as a running gag throughout your show by rising up out of his basket. The ultimate in snake baskets!