Instant Instruction Download - Rabbit Hat

Instant Instruction Download - Rabbit Hat
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  • Item #: ABBIrabithat
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Instructions for many of their props are now available for download. These are the instructions only and are the same ones that Abbotts would send with the prop! In a few cases they will be very brief and not be understood unless you own the prop. These are ideal for

-Replacing lost or damaged instructions
-For sellers and buyers of used magic
-For sellers and buyers on auction sites

Rabbit Hat instructions include 1 page and a description of a similar prop is below.

Here is an easy-to-do and foolproof way of producing a rabbit from a hat. There are no hanging bags, no wires, no threads. The hat is tossed from hand to hand. The interior of the hat is shown to the audience. Nothing could be fairer and yet, without any body loading, table loading, etc., the performer reaches into the hat and produces a quantity of silk handkerchiefs. Surprising enough, but when he reaches into the hat and produces a real live rabbit the full climax has been reached. To your audience you are unquestionably a magician. You can use an imitation rabbit if you wish, but this is really designed for use with a live rabbit. A great opening trick! Good for any spot in your act. Can be done close-up and surrounded. We send you a specially prepared, fine quality black felt top hat and the directions. You supply the bunny and you are all set to go.

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