Instant Instruction Download - Predict A Total

Instant Instruction Download - Predict A Total
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  • Item #: ABBIpredictatotal
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Instructions for many of their props are now available for download. These are the instructions only and are the same ones that Abbotts would send with the prop! In a few cases they will be very brief and not be understood unless you own the prop. These are ideal for

-Replacing lost or damaged instructions
-For sellers and buyers of used magic
-For sellers and buyers on auction sites

Predict A Total instructions include 2 pages and a description of the prop is below.

The mentalist displays a sheet of plastic which has three rows of silver pegs upon it. He also displays a stack of yellow metal discs, each of which has a single digit imprinted on one side of the disc. Three spectators direct the placement of the nine discs (face down) onto the nine pegs. The nine discs are then turned to face the audience and the three columns of figures are added together. The resulting total matches exactly a sealed prediction given to a fourth spectator at the beginning of the test. This is a one-man test--no confederates. The spectators don't even have to come up on stage to assist. The numbers are two inches in height and quite visible. It appears you have the magic power.