Instant Instruction Download - Australian Bar Escape

Instant Instruction Download - Australian Bar Escape
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Abbott Instructions for many of their props are now available for download. These are the instructions only and are the same ones that Abbotts would send with the prop! In a few cases they will be very brief and not be understood unless you own the prop. These are ideal for

-Replacing lost or damaged instructions
-For sellers and buyers of used magic
-For sellers and buyers on auction sites

Australian Bar Escape instructions include 1 page and a description of the prop is below.

From "the land down under" comes Charlie Myrick's Australian Bar. This is a new and different ... and very versatile escape device. It may be performed as a feature effect or, it may be incorporated with other escapes: Underwater Escapes, Substitution Trunk routines, Spirit Sack escapes, Mail Bag escapes or in conjunction with other chain or rope releases. The Australian Bar is a twelve inch length of heavy steel tubing (1 1/8" in diameter). Attached at each open end are two short lengths of chain. These lengths of chain are fastened inside the tubing by a pair of steel bolts which penetrate the tubing at its center. The performers right wrist is shackled by one pair of chains; his left wrist is fastened within the other pair of chains. His hands are now separated by twelve inches of solid steel! And yet, he makes his escape in split-seconds!