Instant Download - Sparkys One Balloon Menagerie

Instant Download - Sparkys One Balloon Menagerie
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  • Item #: ABBIDsparky
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Now Available as a PDF via instant download once your card is run (usually well within 24 hours). Paypal works best since it is the quickest payment and is instant. If you have questions or problem email us at

By “Sparky - The Magic Clown”. Forty-eight pages, thirty-seven different figures, type completely re-set plus fifty-five crystal clear Ed Harris illustrations and a special Ed Harris art cover.

The Swan
The Alligator
The Basic Figure
Four Cute Pups
The Dachshund
The Giraffe
Peter Rabbit
Peter’s Dad
The Aardvark
The Elephant
The Snake
The Standard Poodle
Four Headpieces The Fancy Poodle<
br> The Cat
The Zebra
The Tiger
The Kangaroo
The Monkey
“Tillie” the Turtle
The Mouse
The Roadrunner
Dragon & Aeroplane
The Blimp
The Doll
Spider & Octopus