Instant Download - Scotch Brand of Magic

Instant Download - Scotch Brand of Magic
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Now Available as a PDF via instant download once your card is run (usually well within 24 hours). Paypal works best since it is the quickest payment. If you have questions or problem email us at

This book will show you how to place a coin at the tips of your fingers and, in full view of the audience, cause that coin to vanish in an instant! All this without the use of a pull! You may shake your hands vigorously to prove that nothing is contained therein. You then proceed to produce coin after coin from mid-air – you will produce a number of coins, not just one. With this new method of palming it is possible for the magician to work in short sleeves (or, for that matter, with no sleeves at all). You can show both hands convincingly empty and at the same time have a load of flowers, coins or other items concealed in the hand. This book will also show you how to produce dozens of cigarettes – using one cigarette all the time – each time showing the hand empty. At the finale of the cigarette production your hand will appear to be empty yet without going near your body or anything else you produce a lighted pipe, shake dozens of cigarettes out of the hat and walk off stage waving the hat and smoking the pipe. Nothing is used for the continuous production of cigarettes and the pipe except one cigarette and one pipe!

It is the firm opinion of the author that “double stick tape” magic (thoroughly explained in this book) when used and developed to its fullest potential will take its place alongside the Thumb Tip, the Dye Tube, Magician’s Wax, the Pull, etc., etc. Twenty eight audience tested effects are described in this forty-one page book. They range in variety from effects with coins, balls and silks, to the Three Shell Game, a ‘Scotch’ Miser’s Dream, Holy Smoke!, Holy Cow!, etc., etc. Tape Palming is a technique that will become as familiar in the lexicon of magicians as body loads, vesting, stealing, the lift and so forth., As the reader becomes familiar with this technique he will find it an easier method for loading items without having to go to pockets, sides of coats, behind tables or list but a few examples. If the reader will ‘stick’ with the contents of this book, the author guarantees that he will have a new adventure in creative conjuring by using “double stick tape” and “tape palming”. Written by Joseph White.